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About Us

About Us

It is not accepted these days for any employee to continue his job without updating his knowledge and skills through lifelong learning. 

Ethraa is a specialized center which has been established to develop organization’s management systems and to empower human resources with important knowledge and skills for best achievements. 

We have a special interest to help develop the health care system in the region. We also focus on health care professionals to update their knowledge and skills in many areas: research, evidence based medicine, leadership, management, clinical governance, training, and many other skills.

We aim to be the world's most valued consultation and training center to our customers.
Our mission is to provide high standard services of consultations and training for governmental and nongovernmental organizations across the region.

We believe that this can  be achieved through the delivery of unique consultation and training to different providers both the public and private sector, by well-trained, highly efficient expert trainers.

Our values

  • Enrich - to enrich you with needed information and skills
  • Empower - to enable you to make the difference 
  • Evolve - to lead the change 
  • Excellence - we implement and believe in excellence
  • Experience the difference - try with us and you will feel the difference