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Dear Dr. i want to know when you will arrange for courses or work shop for MRCGP because i decided to sit for coming exam in sha allah

Dr. Shaza

dear respective DR. EBTIHAL , in between the lines of any informative subject that I go through, read, or discuss with any of my colleague being preapration for an exam , readibg amedical topic or BMJ journals , attending aconference or what so ever ....... I saw you in between the lines explaining, teaching and helping me to understand family med. issues , may ALLA bless you and protect you for ever. all my thanks .


dear dr ebtihal my pressure to attend to yr meeting best wishes.

dr ashraf hussein abdelfattah

dear dr ebtihal my pressure to attend to yr meeting best wishes.

dr ashraf hussein abdelfattah

Dear Dr. Ebtihal. So proud to see a sister and colleague from AGU achievement. Good luck

Dr. Abdullah Alsaeedi

thankyou for being a great teacher and doctor you inspire me every day and i am realy proud of you,you deserve all the best.

Dr.Mouza Albdawai

Dear and Dear DR Ebtihal I will still and forever remember that day when I come asking you if I can participate in your classes and the easy welling and chance that you give for me never forgetting one of the most popular UAE national doctors how have great impacts on heath services not only in UAE but also on other country when we go back to our homes. you deserve it because you love what you give and every one indeed loves what you love my appreciation and wishing more and more great future.


Extend my sincere thanks and gratitude for your respectable efforts, and I ask God to help you to do that which is good and beneficial for all.

Dr. Wassim Kaddoura

Dr.Ebtehal I am so proud to be your brother, you are inspiring me, Your contribution to the society for learning and growth is an achievement for the entire Darwish Family. I still remember you, as a child yourself, gathering all the kids from neighbourhood, and You playing a teacher to them. You are born to be great and that’s what you deserve

Eng.Salem Darwish

Your achievements are an inspiration beyond words.Congratulations for you on an expected unfolding path of success of which we are all proud.And congratulations to those who were fortunate to share your vision,and contributed towards achieving a shared mission.Wishing you all the best always.

Dr Sara Kamal

Dr Ebtihal I would like to used this opportunity in order to congratulate you for your continues successes and achievement s, you are well Known person as a pioneer in leader ship and educations.All the best.


Lives of great men all remind us We must make our life sublime Departing leaves behinds us Footprint in the sands of time

Abu Farah

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