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About Ethraa

About Ethraa

We firmly believe that the development of the human capital, in terms of personality and professionalism, is of paramount importance for facing the challenges of tomorrow. Accordingly, our core focus is the provision of efficient and integrated solutions to upgrade the performance of organizations.
ETHRAA was established in 2012 to satisfy the growing professional needs of individuals and establishments in the Arab world in general and the GCC countries in particular.
Relying on distinguished experts and trainers specialized in the delivery of a wide range of training programs including financial, technical and administrative consultations; ETHRAA always strives to be the leading training center for developing the human capital and achieving continuous excellence.
The increase in the number of our development partners, as well as our clients, is positively contributing to Ethraa’s growth process. One of our main beliefs is that through excellence, intellectual enrichment and staff enablement success is achieved. We strive to make our consultancy and training activities the motive that drives our clients to realize their goals in terms of administrative development and excellence.
We have decided to consolidate our efforts to achieve our common goals, cope with the knowledge revolution, provide solutions for modern-day administrative and technical difficulties, face the challenges lying ahead, manage the risks and achieve professional and social success.  

Our Vision:
Leading sustainable, smart and high-quality professional training and consultation

Our Mission:
To provide high standard services of consultations and training for governmental and nongovernmental organizations across the region by well-trained, highly efficient expert consultants and trainers.

Our values
·         Enrich        to enrich you with needed information and skills
·         Empower   to enable you to make the difference
·         Evolve        to lead the change